A note from the Rec Director...
Posted May 13, 2013

Hello SYSC Families!

Hard to believe but Soccer registration is right around the corner.  Remember,  May 1st is the FIRST day of registration!  The teams are built First come first serve, so sign up earlier than later! 

We have some FUN new things that you'll want to know!

1.  Kindergarten and 1st grade will start their first practices as an "academy" style practice.  This is designed to help out the new coaches.  We will have more information as we get closer to August when practices begin.

2.  2nd grade has traditionally been 5v5, due to feedback and additional learning, I am changing the format to 4 v 4, this means instead of 10 people on a team, there will be a limit of 8.  Please be aware because you may not get a coach you request due to team size.  The reason we are moving to this format is to improve the experience of play for the kids.  There will not be a keeper and the field size will be changed to accommodate the new formation.  I will have a special session for the 2nd grade coaches to go over the goal of this format.

3. We will be playing with Tualatin Hills Junior Soccer Club (THJSC) this season so those of you who have travel (3rd-High School) will possibly be traveling into Beaverton, however, not Clackamas.  This change has been facilitated to increase the opportunities for play and to broaden the competition base.  Our goal is that we will play mostly around Sherwood/Tualatin but when we would otherwise have a Bye, we will play teams in Beaverton.  I am working with that club to ensure our teams have same rules of play (team size etc).

4.  You will notice the cost has gone up $5.00.  This is the first increase in 6 years.  The major reason for this increase is to get lighted fields this season so we aren't practicing in the dark! 

We are looking forward to another FUN and POSITIVE soccer season!  Get signed up early! 

Thank you for your participation,

Dawn S. Pastores
Director of Recreational Soccer

Coaching Incentives

Coaching Incentives 
If you take a Youth module/clinic and bring in the certificate:
   * Receive 40% off your child Rec registration when you register as an SYSC HEAD coach for the next outdoor season.

If you go through a licensing course: (Min 1 year between each license per OYSA) 
  * E license - FREE SYSC Rec Registration for your child if you head coach a Rec SYSC team! 

If you already have an "E" license - Just take one of the youth clinics, head coach a Rec SYSC team and you'll get a FREE SYSC rec registration. 

  * D license or higher - FREE SYSC Rec Registration for your child if you head coach a Rec SYSC team.

If you already have a "D" license - head coach a Rec SYSC team and you'll get a FREE SYSC rec registration.

(Verification required - contact the rec director at dawn.pastores@sherwoodsoccer.org ) 


Sherwood Youth Soccer Recreational Program

Sherwood youth recreational soccer was established to teach, govern and promote all aspects of the game of soccer at all levels within the community, with the primary aim to develop fundamental skills, self confidence, self-worth and team cooperation in an atmosphere of safe, competitive fun without undue pressure. Consideration of the youth involved is of primary importance. A child's association with soccer should be a positive, self-rewarding experience. The goal of the game is not in the winning and losing; rather, in how each individual player performs and develops throughout each season.


 Fall Rec Soccer registration begins on May 1 and runs through June 15.  You may register online at www.sherwoodsoccer.org, (click on Your Account tab, log in, and choose 2013 Fall Rec) or you may download the registration form found under the Registration tab > Forms and mail it along with your payment to SYSC, PO Box 1266, Sherwood, OR  97140. 

$90 for registration from May 1 through June 15.  After June 15 there will be a $30 late fee added.  Uniform kits are $55 each (see description below).

Uniform Information:

Grades kinder – 2nd grade will receive a game t-shirt and socks included in the registration fee.

Grades 3rd  – high school wear an Adidas uniform – which may be purchased at time of registration if one is needed.  Uniform kit includes 2 jerseys (one away and one home) shorts and one pair of socks.

Uniform Size: US Size

Youth Size        Height           Weight
YS 8 - 10       52" - 54"      66 - 75 pounds
YM 10 -12     55" - 58"      76 - 85 pounds
YL 14 - 16     60" - 62"      86 - 95 pounds
YXL 18 - 20   63" - 66"      96 - 105 pounds

Adult Size    Chest        Waist           Hip

AS               35” – 38”   29” – 31”    35” – 38”

AM              38” – 41”   31” – 34”     38” – 40”

AL               41” – 44”   34” – 37”     40” – 43”

AXL                 44” – 47”   37” – 41”     43” – 46”

AXXL          47” – 50”   41” – 44”     46” – 49”


Financial Aid:

A limited number of financial aid scholarships are available. To request financial aid, please mail in the completed financial aid form along with the $11 OYSA fee and $55 uniform fee (per player) payment if applicable. You may download a Financial Aid form from our website under the Registration > Forms tabs.  If you have questions, or need a form mailed to you, please contact Karen at Karen.pratt@sherwoodsoccer.org. All financial aid requests must be received by June 15th. We do ask that financial aid recipients give back 2 hours of volunteer service during the season.


Team Formation:

You may enter your coach/carpool request when you register (there is a space you can fill this information in on both the online form and the paper form) and we will do our best to honor your request, but there are no guarantees that your player will be placed according to your request.  Teams are formed on a first come first serve basis.  Players will not be moved once teams are formed.  We try to form teams by age group and gender, but sometimes it is necessary to combine age groups and genders. High school teams are always co-ed. 

Full refund, less a $25 administrative fee will be allowed up to the day of the Jamboree. After that date, no refunds will be allowed.

Practices and Games:
Practices begin the first week of August (may be later for the younger teams) and are held two days a week, usually in the late afternoon or early evening. Each kinder – 2nd grade practices are one hour long; grade 3rd and above are 1½ hours long.  We will have lights this year for the later practice times.  Practices continue throughout the season and the season finishes at the end of October or mid-November (for the older grades). Games are played on Saturdays. Your player's coach will contact you by July 29 and let you know when the team practices begin.

Save the Date:
This year the Sherwood Soccer Jamboree will be held on September 7 at Hopkins Elementary School. The kids will have their first game of the season, team and individual pictures will be taken, and SYSC apparel will be available for purchase. 

All of our coaches are volunteers, and we have a great Coaching Incentive program. If you would like to volunteer to coach a team, please register online or email the Rec Program Director

Ball size needed

Size 3 ball for grades k – 2nd; Size 4 ball for grades 3rd -  6th; Size 5 ball for grades 7th – high school


Game Format: K-1st grade: 3 v 3;  2nd grade: 4 v 4;  3rd grade: 6 v 6;  4th - 5th grads: 8 v 8;  6th grade - High School: 11 v 11

Questions?: Dawn Pastores, Rec Director dawn.pastores@sherwoodsoccer.org
Karen Pratt, SYSC Registrar Karen.pratt@sherwoodsoccer.org