Sherwood Youth Soccer Club



  • Michelle Swanson President

    I have lived in Sherwood for 13 years now, married with 3 girls.  All 3 of our girls have been involved in Sherwood Soccer at one time, through our Recreational / WDP program and Westside Timbers.  My husband has coached and I have been involved with team management / team mom duties.  I really wanted to get involved in a community program.  I feel like as a city we are so blessed at how this community supports their sports in general.  About 5 years ago Events Coordinator position was open and so I started there with a great event that we put on every year, our soccer jamboree.   I have learned so much sitting on this board and have met some great people.  I am looking forward to learning more being President and getting our club out there even more in this community.  We have a great soccer program and I am so proud to be a part of it.

  • Alex Gonzalez Director of Soccer Programs

    My wife, our three kids, and I have lived in the Sherwood area for the last five years after moving to Oregon.  The city and its community have become our family over these last five years, with our kids attending school in Sherwood, and all three now playing in SYSC programs.  I’ve coached them all in one way or another, during outdoor and indoor soccer. 


    I grew up with a soccer ball firmly attached to my feet, and have had the privilege of playing at some high levels of the sport as well as coaching at various levels, including high school.  The Timbers are the only reason I like MLS but my true team are the Reds of Liverpool in the Premier League.  I joined the SYSC Board as Coach Education Coordinator three years ago and stepped into the role of Director of Soccer Programs in the winter of 2017.  My heart and passion is in helping kids develop their skills as soccer players while using the “beautiful game” to also teach them how to be better citizens outside of sport.  I’m a firm believer that great coaching makes great players and that all kids need to be given an opportunity to learn to play the game.


    It is a pleasure to serve our SYSC community as well as our Sherwood community at large as a member of our board.  My desire is that through SYSC, we can continue to propagate the game of soccer in our community and that through soccer, we can help kids stay healthy and engaged while we provide them with tools for soccer and life.

  • Ashley Siebers Treasurer

    I am a native Oregonian and proud of it! My husband and I moved to Sherwood in 2008 and started a family here in 2012. My twins are 5 years old and finally able to enjoy soccer beginning with Indoor in 2017. I feel lucky to have expressed interest in joining the Board at just the time that the Treasurer position was available. While I work as a stay-at-home mom now, my career was always in the financial industry so this felt like a great fit. I enjoy being involved in our great community and am excited to get to know even more people through my work with Sherwood Soccer Club. 

  • Julia Leahy Secretary

    I have lived in Sherwood for the past 13 years.  My husband, Terrance, and I have 4 kids all of whom have been involved in the SYSC or Westside Timbers programs.  My husband and I have enjoyed coaching both Rec and Indoor soccer over the last 6 years for the club. There is nothing more that I love then watching my kids play soccer and have fun on the field.  Watching the development of kids at a young age as a coach is so very rewarding. My minivan is always full of soccer balls, cones, chairs, shoes, etc.  I guess you could say I'm definitely the typical soccer mom and I love it!  I grew up playing soccer and many other sports as well and love having our family involved in athletics.  We have a great community of families and volunteers that help make this program such a success and I'm very proud to be on the SYSC Board.

  • Brandi Morton Westside Timbers Liaison

    I am a graduate of Oregon State University, GO BEAVS, and a mother oftwo  daughters, 10 and 12.  My husband, Chad and I have been residents of Sherwood since 2005, and almost from day one, have been involved in the community in some way, and especially enjoy supporting Sherwood kids! 

    Myself and my husband played soccer all through our youth, so we were excited to introduce our daughters to the sport. They both have since moved on to competitive soccer and it has been a joy to see them grow and develop through the SYSC program.

  • Teresa Carleton Uniform/Apparel Coordinator

    I am a mother of 5 happy, healthy children who play softball/baseball, basketball & of course soccer. I too was a multi-sport athlete that enjoyed basketball, track, and soccer.  My children play recreational sports in Sherwood as well as competitive soccer with The Westside Timbers.  My husband and I have helped our children's love of sports grow through authentic experiences that allow them to be both humble and competitive at the same time.  I have played, coached, been a ball girl, carpooled kids to/from practices & games, and enjoy sitting on the sidelines cheering. I appreciate the opportunity to be a board member for both soccer & basketball.  


  • Karen Pratt Registrar

    I have 4 kids, all who have played soccer with Sherwood Soccer Club at one time or another in their life.  Over 10 years ago I became involved with the Club when my children were little as a way to participate in the community and in something that my kids enjoyed doing.  Our youngest still participates in the Spring Indoor Rec season and has a blast.  Through the club I have met so many wonderful people; coaches, board members, and players.  I truly enjoy being part of the Sherwood Soccer board.

  • Jimmy Godard Website Coordinator

    My lover for soccer has started in 1982. Then, I witnessed Paolo Rossi (Italy) defeating West Germany 3-1. He displayed to me the beauty of soccer. In 1986, I watched the artist Diego Maradona (Argentina) scored the “Hand of God” goal. He defeated Germany 3-2.

    I’ve played soccer all my life. I assisted other coaches, and coached adult and kids. All my kids play soccer and I’ve coached all of them as well for the past 5 years. It is so much fun.

    My Favorite Team of all times is the Inter Milan. Now, it is FC Bayern Munich and the Portland Timbers. Hoping they never play against each other. There is no need to test my loyalty.


    You will find me online blogging, tweeting about major soccer Cups or the Timbers, if I am not in the Army section during a game. I enjoy watching, and coaching soccer. We have some great kids in Sherwood with so much potential. It is an honor to coach and watch them flourish. 

  • Lindsey Moore Events Coordinator

    My husband and I have lived in Sherwood for 4 years and are the parents of two children, 4 & 6. Both of our children are involved in the YMCA sports programs and are our daughter is currently playing indoor soccer and loving it.

    I am new to the board this year and look forward to learning, helping the program grow and being more involved in the community.

  • Cristina Fajardo Volunteer & Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Fidencio Morin Field Coordinator

    My family and I have moved around quite a bit for work. Since 2004 we have lived in McAllen, TX, Houston, TX, Columbus, OH and in Sherwood, OR as of Nov. 2016. My wife and I both love Sherwood and hope to raise both our kids in this wonderful community.


    I was involved in music and sports growing up, and while I never played soccer, my passion for the sport started when my son and daughter both started playing it. Since 2016 I have now coached Fall Soccer, Indoor Soccer and T-Ball for Sherwood Youth sports.


    I am looking forward to serve as Field Coordinator and eager to continue to service the Sherwood community in any capacity I am capable of for many years to come.


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