Practice Field Schedule and Guidelines

2010 Practice Schedule

If you have any questions or are not going to use your allocated practice time/field space, please email Roger Voss so that the time can reallocated to other coaches.

Please note: FIELD SIZES PROVIDED ARE TO SERVE AS GUIDELINES. Please use your judgement for what is a reasonable field size to allow other teams to practice also.

Edy Ridge

Download Edy Ridge Field Layout

The High School softball outfield closest to the parking lot can be used but is NOT being scheduled this year. Please be courteous to coaches that want to use the field space also.

The Hopkins fields are located in the baseball "clover leaf". Please use the outfield grass only. Field 1 and 2 are closest to the school. Fields 1 and 6 are closer to the track. Work with the other coaches that share the practice time to allow for equal spacing.

Download Hopkins Field Layout

Laurel Ridge

Download Laurel Ridge Field Layout

At Middleton, there is an Upper Field and a Lower Field. Section #1 is the far section by the trees; section #2 is the half closest to the parking lot.

Download Middleton Field Layout

The Middle School fields are located BEHIND the school. Field 1 is a split field in the open space farthest from the school. Field 2 is in the baseball outfield closest to the school. The football field is split for two practice slots.

Download Sherwood Middle School Field Layout

Snyder Park (fka Sunset) is split in half with 1 being closest to the parking lot.

Download Snyder Park Field Layout