How can I find the Rules and Regulations?
Click here for a copy of the Soccer 5 Rulebook.

How old is the Club?
The club was formed in 1976.

How big is the Club?
The club has approximately 1250 children in the recreational and competitive programs.

Who runs the Club?
The club has an elected Board of Directors who follow the policies and regulations of the Oregon Youth Soccer Association and the Sherwood Youth Soccer Club.

How can I volunteer?
Send an email to anyone listed on the Contacts page or join us for a monthly Board Meeting to learn more.

What kind of operation is the club?
The club is a nonprofit, youth sports club.

Parent Questions

What programs are available for my child?
Soccer programs at SYSC are based on age and level of competition. The Club offers Recreational, Developmental, and Competitive programs. For a complete breakdown of our programs, please see these three links on the menu to the left.

How do I register my child?
There are three ways to register; online, mail and walk-in.

- To register online, please select the "Register Now" tab on the home page.
- Download and mail in the form to: SYSC, PO Box 1266, Sherwood, OR 97140.
- Attend the walk up registration. The Club usually holds at least one walk up registration for each program prior to the season. Check the Calendar on the Home Page for more specific information regarding dates, times and locations.

Why register online?
Online registration is more convenient, allows the club to process registrations easier and improves communication between the club and the soccer families.

When do recreational soccer practices start?
Practices start in early August.

When will we be contacted by our child's coach?
You should be contacted by your coach by the first week of August. If you do not hear from your coach by mid-August, please contact the Registrar or appropriate Program Director.

What color uniforms do the players wear for home and away games?
Home teams wear maroon. Away teams wear white.

Where are the fields located?
Please refer to the Fields menu on the left for directions to recreational and competitive fields.

Does the club provide financial aid to families?
Yes, the Club provides Needs-Based financial aid. Our goal is to make soccer available to all families. Please download the scholarship form and return to the address indicated.

Are we expected to do any fundraising for the club?
No. We are promoting a donation instead of a fundraiser. Please refer to the registration forms for the suggested donation amount. Hopefully, this will be one less thing to worry about and takes the pressure off of the child and parent to perform fundraising.

How can I become a club sponsor?
We have two sponsor programs:

1. Team Sponsors (Kindergarten through 2nd Grade)
2. Club Sponsors

For more information please e-mail our sponsorship coordinator Karen Carrera

How do I replace a piece of the uniform?
You can purchase individual uniform components from our Club. Please email the Uniform & Apparel Coordinator for prices and availability.

When does our child receive their uniform?
Newly purchased uniforms or K and 1st grade uniforms will be distributed during the last week of August.

How do I handle a problem or concern?
Please email the appropriate Program Director and your concern will be addressed.

How can I best support the club?
Parents can help best by supporting the team and your sons and daughters in a positive manner. Please read the document Parent's Role in Youth Soccer for more information.

Coach Questions

When will I receive my roster?
Rosters will be available by the coaches meeting in late July. Please refer to the Club Calendar for the date.

How do I sign up to become a coach?
Please indicate your interest level on your child's registration form. You can also download a Coach registration form under the Coach's Corner or contact the Coach Coordinator.

How are coaches selected?
Our Club Head Coach and respective Program Directors recruit and match coaches to the respective teams.

How can I get additional coaching information or advice?
You can contact our Club Head Coach by e-mail. We have also posted a large number of great coaching sites under our Links Tab.

Does the club offer coaching clinics?
Yes. Please refer to the Club Calendar for Clinic dates and times.

Does the club have a curriculum?
Yes, our club has developed a curriculum in conjunction with the OYSA to help our coaches organize practices and identify the base skills to develop by age group. In addition, the curriculum provides a list of age appropriate games to help build skills. Please refer to the Coach's Corner for additional information.