If you have created a Member Account, please login with the "Your Account" link above to proceed with the registration. You will be able to update and confirm the information stored in the system and register your child or yourself for Competitive, PDP, or Recreational or to register as a Coach or Assistant Coach.

If you have not created a Member Account, you will be required to create a Member Account during the registration process.

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If you have questions about registration or for technical problems with online registration please contact the registrar.


You must be 21 or older to Coach in any of the Club's programs.

If you would like to be a Coach or Assistant Coach in any of our programs, please complete the registration process which includes:

Registration online

Completed background check conducted by OYSA by filling out the online background check .

Attend a coaching clinic (recommended but not required)

Please note that until you have completed the entire process you will not be assigned to a team nor authorized to practice with registered club players.

Coach and Assistant Coach ONLINE Registration