The Mission of Sherwood Soccer Club

The purpose of the Club shall be to teach, govern and promote all aspects of the game of soccer at all youth levels within the community. The primary aim is to develop fundamental skills, self-confidence, self-worth and team cooperation in an atmosphere of safe, competitive fun without undue pressure. Consideration of the youth involved is of primary importance. A child's association with soccer should be a positive, self-rewarding experience. Our Club, coaches, parents and players value winning but not before good sportsmanship, which among other things entails winning and losing with integrity. Winning with integrity means honoring and respecting our opponent; while losing with integrity means losing without disrespect of ourselves or our opponent. The goal of the game is not in the winning and losing; rather, in how each individual player performs relative to their ability. The Club will strive to provide appropriate competitive opportunities for its players within the framework of National and State guidelines and structures.

How Parents Can Help Our Mission

In short, parents can best help by supporting the team and your sons and daughters in a positive manner. Please read the document Parent's Role in Youth Soccer for more information.