Welcome SYSC Referees!
REC REFEREES WANTED! SYSC is always looking for players or parents, young or old to sign up and become a Club Referee. Referee classes are sponsored twice a year in Sherwood. Refereeing is a great way for young competitive players to gain more knowledge of the game without interfering with THEIR game schedules! All referees are paid on a pay scale. If you are interested in becoming a Recreation Referee, check out the links below and if you have any questions please e-mail SYSC Referee Coordinator

United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Grade 8 Referee Courses:

Click here for a complete list of classes

Thinking about becoming a Referee?
Becoming a referee

Introduction to youth soccer refereeing

2011 Referee Pay Scales

Note: All referees must have either a Grade 8 or Grade 9 license to be assigned any games.

How can you register to be an SYSC referee?:
Just register with OregonSoccerCentral and email the SYSC Referee Coordinator for notification.
Are you a current Grade 8 Referee and ready for a higher level of game?:

If you are a current Grade 8 official and would like to try officiating at a higher level of play (Classic, Select/DRL) or are looking to take officiating more seriously contact Susan Thayer at susan.thayer@sherwoodsoccer.org or David Brown (OYSA Northern Assigner) at david@oregonyouthsoccer.org. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

To referee at the competitive level, sign up for "OYSA-Northern" on OregonSoccerCentral.

For more infomation take a look here Officiating Classic/Select/DRL games (.pdf)
Referee Links & References:

US Soccer Referee Ordering Site

OYSA (Oregon Youth Soccer) Referees page
WSYSA Washington State Youth Soccer Association
ODP - Referees Links page
Game Information (Game length, Ball size, Half time length etc...)(.pdf)
Offside Rule Video (click to watch)
Where to find Sherwood Fields/Gyms:
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1 - Sherwood Middle School/Hopkins Elementry driving instructions
2 - Sherwood High School driving instructions
3 - Middleton Elementry School driving instructions
4 - Sunset driving instructions
Indoor Referee Documentation:
Indoor Program Rules Manual (2009)
(Indoor)Answered Questions:
Q: What do you do when they're in a herd kicking the ball which is getting nowhere?
A: Let them play..
Q: When you do a drop ball, I learned that every single time both teams did a high kick.
A: Players are not supposed to kick the ball until AFTER it hits the ground.
If BOTH players high kicked: blow the whistle and do the drop kick over and over until the rules are followed would be my recommendation.
If one player: Call the high kick.. Other team get an indirect free kick
In both cases you should be explained to the kids that they need to wait until the ball hits the ground before they try to kick it.
Q: indirect free kick by the goal and it ricochets off the goalie's hands, is it good because it touched another player
A: As long as it touched another player on it's way in it's good. Even if it's only touched the goalie, the goal counts.
Q: Kick offs?

A: At a kick off, players cannot cross the center line until after the ball is kicked. We've seen players run when the ref whistles for kickoff, rather than waiting for the ball to move. Sometimes they get about 15 feet out, and have an unfair advantage. If that happens, the ref should stop the play, explain the rule, and have them do the kickoff over. Same team kicks, though - they don't lose the ball.

Problems with players, coaches, or parents can be reported here. Please provide your name, game date and time, teams playing, and the SPECIFIC nature of the problem or incident. This report is received by the SYSC Referee Coordinator.